In 2012, at a conference of European National Olympic Academies the idea of establishing an association of all European EOAs was presented for the first time. After several years of further conferences, the Association of European Olympic Academies (EOA) was finally founded in 2018 in Ljubljana (SLO). More information on the respective conferences before and since the foundation can be found in the following timeline:


1st Conference of European NOAs in Eltville

The idea to found the Association of European Olympic Academies was first presented in 2012 during a conference of NOAs in Europe in Eltville (GER), initiated and organized by the German Olympic Academy.


2nd Conference of European NOAs in Baku

Preparations were made and further coordination between NOAs in Europe achieved during the 2nd Conference in Baku (AZE) in 2015.

3rd Conference in Albena

A declaration on the EOA was released during the 3rd conference in Albena (BUL) in 2017.


Foundation of the EOA in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, delegates of 23 European NOAs approved the statutes of the EOA in the First General Assembly of the EOA. Prof Manfred Laemmer, Deputy Chairman of the German Olympic Academy, was elected first President of the Association.


2nd General Assembly of the EOA in Nicosia

One of the main objectives of the Executive Board was to establish the Commissions: the Communication Commission, Development and Cooperation Commission, Olympic Education Commission and Olympic Heritage Commission.


3rd General Assembly of the EOA in Sochi - POSTPONED

The 3rd General Assembly in Sochi (scheduled for 12-16 October 2020) was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.