Czech Olympic Academy


Czech Republic

Name of Academy

Czech Olympic Academy
Česká olympijská akademie



Name of President

Alexandr KLIMENT

Foundation Date


History of the Academy

The establishment of the Czech (then Czechoslovak) Olympic Academy on April 30, 1987, reflected the International Olympic Committee’s call in 1984 for national Olympic academies to be set up in each state to study various aspects of the Olympic movement, especially its history and philosophy, in collaboration with scientific and pedagogical institutions. The Czech Olympic Academy is a fully integrated component of the Czech Olympic Committee. Since 1996 the Olympic Study and Information Centre (OSIC) has been running, founded by a well-known Olympic historian Jiří Kössl. OSIC contains large collections of books, photographs and other documents of the Czech and Czechoslovak Olympic Movement.

Projects of the Academy

  • In 2019, the Czech Olympic Academy was a guarantor of the celebrations linked to the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Czech Olympic Committee. During the year, it prepared a range of activities to mark this important anniversary.
  • A book was published detailing the history of the NOC, several well-known sports personalities were honoured and in the centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic
  • The exhibition “Nestáli stranou” (“They didn’t stand aside”) took place, devoted to milestones in the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic linked to sport and Olympism.
  • Stories of our Olympians One of the key projects was the series titled Stories of our Olympians. Five filmed interview programmes devoted to the memories and lives of famous Olympians. They were produced in cooperation with the Czech Olympic Academy and the non-profit organisation, Post Bellum. Elementary school pupils from various Czech regions visually enacted the journey of Czechoslovak Olympians.
  • In 2020, IOC OVEP manuals were translated into Czech
  • The main pillar of this year is the exhibition “Olympic Tokyo”, devoted to the topic of Tokyo as an Olympic host city. It is divided into three parts. The first part covers the Games that didn’t take place in 1940. The second part covers the Games in 1964, in which the legend of Czechoslovak and world sport, gymnast Věra Čáslavská, shone. The interactive third part will grow as artefacts from the forthcoming 2021 Games are added.
  • A book “Rebirth of Olympic Games” about the foundation of IOC and the Games of I Olympiad in Athens 1896″ will be out in May.
  • Revitalization of the Olympic Study and Information Centre due to be
  • Throughout the year the Czech Olympic Academy will also be involved in lecture, academic and publishing activities.
  • These publications and articles are planned as well:
    • Sokol’s sportsmen at the Olympic Games.
    • Antwerp 1920 + exhibition
    • Encyclopedia of Czech and Czechoslovak Olympians
    • Art Competitions at the Olympic Games 1912-1948 and the Czechoslovak participation.